The Saw Guide

The New Saw Guide by Lounsbury Products!

Lounsbury Products has added the “Saw Guide” to our product line!

The New Saw Guide is the latest innovation from Lounsbury Products added to the Deck Protector product line. When your deck boards are to close together use the Saw Guide to widen the gaps between your deck boards. The Saw Guide makes quick work of cleaning debris from the spaces between decking. Perfect for removing old paint and finish between deck boards before refinishing your deck.

$16.99 + $6.50 Shipping and handling


Are the boards on your patio deck too close together? If so, they may cause deck rot. When the deck boards are too close together, water won’t drain properly and air does not circulate. Your deck boards stay wet causing rot and that can lead to structural failure/ wood rot. A simple remedy to widening your deck board problem is the Saw Guide. Take action today fix your deck by widening the gap between your deck boards. You can easily widen the gap between deck boards to allow water to drain by cutting along the sides of the deck boards. The Saw Guide makes quick work cleaning out dirt, leaves, and pine needles. from between the planks. The Saw Guide is also perfect for removing old paint and finish between deck boards before refinishing your deck. It easily straightens the ends of mismatched deck boards too!

How It works

The Saw Guide easily attaches to any circular saw (also known as a skill saw). Get professional results with this innovative device that fits all right and left hand circular saws. The Saw Guide makes it easy to make a precise, even cut down the length of the deck board.

After adjusting the blade depth so it won’t damage the floor joists below, lower the saw blade in between the decking and make sure the front and back guide fins are in the groove. To widen the gap between the deck boards run the saw forward lightly touching one side, then check for clearance. If the space is still too narrow, make a second pass on the other side. You may have to make several passes using the same process to widen the space between the deck boards for desired spacing.

Video Explaining The Saw Guide

$16.99 + $6.50 Shipping and handling